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COMING SOON—The Alan Pasqua Songbook!!

My latest book will be out in the first quarter of 2012.  It is my “Concepts for Improvisation” series, Volume 3. This will be the latest release and will complete the trilogy along with Volumes 1 & 2,  “The Diminished Cycle” and “The Architecture of Music”. Each song is a transcribed piano score of me playing my compositions on many of my recordings. Below is a list of songs included as well as their respective recording:


A Sleeping Child    Milagro

Badlands                 Badlands

Barcelona                My New Old Friend

Daddy, What Is God’s Last Name?           Badlands

Greta          Live At Rocco

Heartland       Milagro

Highway 14      My New Old Friend

My New Old Friend     My New Old Friend

San Michele       Dedications

Surrender          Badlands

The Law of Diminishing Returns     Live at Rocco

To Love Again      Live at Rocco

Vienna        My New Old Friend

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